Friday, 26 June 2009


Our realm is experiencing monetary uproar for a decade; unhinged republic can cause a mammoth social turmoil that will hurtle the nation into pieces. The year 2010 we will again opt for a new set of leaders to help us for fast upturn. But to whom I will cast my vote? I do not have choices at all because same face/same parties/same system again and again. The only way for us to recover is to have a brawny will to impose the rule and right system not for the government but for ourselves. We must start to act now before it’s too late. Do not waste our time in helping them to again robe our own pockets in a legal way.
As an inhabitant of this republic I am sharing my thoughts to all the readers not to vote instead contemplate to our own life to become more prolific for the benefit of others. In this way we can have a strong community to administer our republic, total change of the system and establish a new beginning.

Yours truly,
Juan Dela Cruz
Republic of the Philippines

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